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What is the relationship between architect and structural engineer?  How do they work together?  Architects conceive the form. Engineers are the mediators between the idea of the form and its physical realization in concrete, glass, steel, brick, stone, and wood. As I traverse the country looking at buildings that my father engineered I keep asking: […]

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Early in 1961 Paul Weidlinger received an urgent call from the architect Marcel Breuer.  Something had gone horribly wrong during the construction of the Abbey Church that Breuer had designed for the community of Benedictine Monks in Collegeville, Minnesota. Breuer, like my father, was Hungarian.   Both were influenced by the Bauhaus Movement and they knew […]

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Driving cross-country on my trip to photograph my father’s buildings, I am experimenting with time-lapse photography. Beside me, on the passenger seat, is a camera snapping a picture of the road ahead every second.  In western Wyoming, with great cumulus clouds scudding overhead, I listen to medieval music: Perceval: la quête du Graal (The Quest […]

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Paul and László Moholy-Nagy

László Moholy-Nagy was an important person in my father’s life.  Moholy-Nagy or just Moholy as he often called, was one of the key figures of the Bauhaus Movement and School, founded by German architect Walter Gropius.  The Bauhaus ideal was to foster a culture in which ordinary, everyday utilitarian objects, buidings, furniture, textiles, utensils were designed […]

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Road Trip Preview

Heading east, from Berkeley, California to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, I am looking forward to a late summer cross country journey to film significant structures that my father worked on as an engineer. I will post dispatches about each site that I visit. Along my route are two extraordinary churches by architect Marcel Breuer, the Walker Art […]

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