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Driving cross-country on my trip to photograph my father’s buildings, I am experimenting with time-lapse photography. Beside me, on the passenger seat, is a camera snapping a picture of the road ahead every second.  In western Wyoming, with great cumulus clouds scudding overhead, I listen to medieval music: Perceval: la quête du Graal (The Quest […]

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This post is a bit off-topic.  It’s not about Paul Weidlinger although I think he would have appreciated the discourse. It is the first day of my cross-country pilgrimage to visit the buildings he engineered. I drove 550 miles and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, in the shadow of a verdant […]

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  One of the important skills I learned as a boy from my father was how to fold paper airplanes.  Soon I graduated to balsa wood gliders that Paul would buy for a dollar at the corner store.  Some models had a propeller attached to a rubber band that you could wind up and let […]

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Road Trip Preview

Heading east, from Berkeley, California to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, I am looking forward to a late summer cross country journey to film significant structures that my father worked on as an engineer. I will post dispatches about each site that I visit. Along my route are two extraordinary churches by architect Marcel Breuer, the Walker Art […]

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Paul Weidlinger, Istvan Hass & unknown women 1940, Bolivia


Hello. Welcome to the Restless Hungarian blog. What can you expect to find here? Entertaining tidbits from the narrative of Paul Weidlinger’s life, video clips from interviews with people who knew him, images of some of the extraordinary buildings her worked on, glimpses of the world he grew up in and left behind, anecdotes about his […]

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