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My father was part of a group of thirteen Hungarians Jews who had been classmates at the German Technical institute in Brunn. They all immigrated to Bolivia in 1939 and 1940.   They called themselves   “The Gang of 13.” Arriving in La Paz they immediately put into practice their idea of a utopian communist community. They […]

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I am in possession of two curious drawings made my by father in late 1939. They are cartoon sketches of Pouqui and Mouqui, the love names my parents gave each other. The drawing shows them settled into their apartment in La Paz, Bolivia. Furniture and personal effects are carefully labeled in French. By naming these […]

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The Young Lord

From the childhood of the Restless Hungarian… The Hungarian word for motion picture theater, mozi, was coined in 1907. The American word movie came into usage one year later. Movies came early to Budapest. The pomp and circumstance of royalty was a popular topic in the first Hungarian newsreels.     Otto von Habsburg, the […]

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Driving cross-country on my trip to photograph my father’s buildings, I am experimenting with time-lapse photography. Beside me, on the passenger seat, is a camera snapping a picture of the road ahead every second.  In western Wyoming, with great cumulus clouds scudding overhead, I listen to medieval music: Perceval: la quête du Graal (The Quest […]

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