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“Hungarians are the only people in Europe without racial and linguistic relatives in Europe, therefore they are the loneliest on the continent. This… perhaps explains the peculiar intensity of their existence… Hopeless solitude feed their creativity, the desire for achieving… To be Hungarian is a collective neurosis.” – Arthur Koestler A number of Hungarian speakers […]

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The Zombie Revolt

When I found a stack of poems, in Hungarian, dating from the 1930s I hoped I had a trove that would yield the secrets of Paul Weidlinger’s teenage years.   It turns out that most of them are drivel (sort of what you’d expect from a teenage boy) but there is a particularly dark one that […]

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Paul and László Moholy-Nagy

László Moholy-Nagy was an important person in my father’s life.  Moholy-Nagy or just Moholy as he often called, was one of the key figures of the Bauhaus Movement and School, founded by German architect Walter Gropius.  The Bauhaus ideal was to foster a culture in which ordinary, everyday utilitarian objects, buidings, furniture, textiles, utensils were designed […]

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