Ruth Gendler and Sharon Strong are among the six Bay Area artists who have contributed their work as rewards for donors in the RESTLESS HUNGARIAN FUNDING CAMPAIGN. Going live on January 16th, the goal of the 30-day campaign is to raise $50,000 to pay for the completion of principal photography, film editing, and completion of the book manuscript.

Every dollar you contribute during the campaign will be matched by Beacon Reader as part of its initiative supporting immigrants’ stories.  (Beacon, our crowd-funding platform, is devoted exclusively to journalism projects.)

If you would like to own one of the works of art featured in this post be sure make your donation early, starting on January 16th, and claim it as yours.

This is the third of three posts featuring contributing artists and their work. Paul Weidlinger cherished his relationships with painters, sculptors, and creative architects, so, it’s fitting that art works are among the rewards being offered.


Ruth Composite 1-sm

BOWL OF NIGHT — 10½” X 10″ Monotype (2012)

“In a noisy, busy, fragmented world, my intention is to create paintings and prints that invite viewers to hear and remember the silence. I value the quiet, where we can hear the imagination, the soul, and the wind in the trees.”

ORGANIC GEOMETRY I - 11 &frac34" x 23 ½” Monotype 2014

ORGANIC GEOMETRY I — 11¾” x 23½” Monotype (2014)

RED BOWL WITH FIGURES - 10" x 15" Monotype diptych (2011)

RED BOWL WITH FIGURES — 10″ x 15″ Monotype (2011)








Ruth Gendler’s paintings and monotypes are inspired by organic geometry; the lines that form into branches, routes of rivers, curves of the human face, the arches in our bones, and the shapes of leaves and bowls. “I love the bowl because it is so utterly real and also metaphoric. A bowl is many things: a boat, a dome, a small cup and a mountain valley. Bowls also remind me that we are vessels, filled with varying qualities, elements, and energies. We are bowls of soul.”


FIVE LISTENERS 11" x 9 7/8” Monotype 2011

FIVE LISTENERS — 11″ x 10” Monotype (2011)

books as bowls, shelter for words

body as bowl, the skull, the pelvis, the eye

the flower cup of poppy, tulip, rose

the boat, an open bowl

the ocean, a big blue bowl of water

so we travel, through oceans of air,

in our little bowls of skin, afloat, alive, liquid

at night the bed a boat we navigate through dream landscapes

the night sky,

a bowl of stars.


Ruth’s monotypes and paintings have been exhibited at the Commonwealth Club of Northern California, the Normandy Park City Hall (near Seattle), Oakopolis Gallery, the Dream Institute of Northern California, and the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. She is the author of three books that include her art work: the best-selling The Book of Qualities, the award-winning Notes on the Need for Beauty, and the anthology Changing Light.  As a poet in the schools, Ruth has taught writing and art to adults and children for thirty years.

BLUE BOWL WITH LADDER Monotype 11" x 10" 2011

BOWL WITH LADDER — Monotype 11″ x 10″ (2011)

THREE BOWLS OF SUMMER - 8’’ x 15 ¾” Monotype 2012

THREE BOWLS OF SUMMER — 8’’ x 15¾” Monotype (2012)








Sharon Strong is a psychologist, sculptor, painter, performance artist, and maker of masks. “As a psychologist, I’ve spent years reading people’s expressions, noticing the subtleties that play across their faces and reflecting back what I see.  This helps people experience a deeper reality of themselves.  My work as a therapist informs my art.  We usually think of masks as concealing, but I want to reveal the spirit beneath the mask.”

KUAN YIN.  Life-sized mask made with Italian Das clay, pastel powder, acrylic paint, horse hair, and leaves. Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion in the Chinese Buddhist tradition. Sharon says, “I wanted her face to reflect the peacefulness of the Buddha, but to be the very human face of a woman. Working with smooth white clay overlaid on a life-mask of my own face, it felt as if I had stroked her into being. There was a tenderness to the process and gratitude to be in this intimate, sensual relationship with the material.”



THE GODDESS WITHIN. Life-sized mask made with Italian Das clay, graphite, amber glass, brass, and a semi-precious stone.

“What woman hasn’t heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, eyes closed in a cultural trance, waiting for a prince to come. Stop, wake up! Open your eyes, open your heart and soul to the Goddess within, in whose image we are created.” – Sharon Strong.

The Goddess Within is an image of Woman awakening to the Inner Divine. The eyes of the outer face are closed and the mouth is still. Designs on the white clay are variations of a spiral drawn with graphite. Found in the pictographs of ancient cultures, the spiral signifies the infinite, an outward turning without end. With eyes wide open, the inner face is golden, suggesting the preciousness of connection with the feminine manifestation of God.


Live on January 16th.

Choose one of six unique monotypes of varying sizes, unframed. International shipping: Add $25. DONATE and claim one as your reward. Notify to specify your image choice immediately after pledging.

SHARON STRONG MASKS — Reward Level $750

Two unique masks made with Italian Das clay and mixed media. Each ships with copy of the artist’s book, “Soul Unmasked: A Personal Journey into the Ancient Ritual of the Mask.” International shipping: Add $75. DONATE and claim one as your reward. Notify to specify your choice immediately after pledging. 16



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